6 Things You Need To Stop

As I approach the coming weeks, in which my wife and I get to meet the next addition to our growing family, it has brought into sharp focus that I have not achieved my goal of posting something every week.

And it has driven me bonkers – possibly as I have a lot to say about a lot – but mainly because I kept putting it off for the following reasons:

  • I thought the bar was too high – I felt I had to post 500 or so words to make it valuable content
  • That the task was too onerous to do every week
  • That I needed more acumen to talk about the topics I write about
  • That my prose, language, grammar etc needed to be perfect.

And this is all just bollocks.

So, I’m back.

Fittingly, the below is a list I noted down about 3 years ago, but with my spin on it. Hope you enjoy.

6 Things You Need To Stop

  1. Stop saying you’ll do it Tomorrow

    Procrastination puts you behind, and means the problem will only become bigger further down the track. Of course, this is dependent on whether the task is urgent AND important/has a big impact. But if it is, have a sense of urgency!

  2. Stop Being A Victim

    If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. Take responsibility, step up, be an adult. Stop blaming others for things that are in your control. Stop thinking that certain things are not in your control. If you start with that position, you’ll end up there.

  3. Stop Saying Yes

    Don’t be a people-pleaser. They don’t pay your bills and they don’t solve all of your problems. Focus your energy on value-adding activities – say “no” in order to grow.

  4. Stop Expecting

    Believe in everyone; wait for no-one. Everyone learns and develops and adopts when they are ready. A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still. Just believe that they have it in them to get better. And don’t wish other people were better; wish you were a better leader (and read point 2 again!).

  5. Stop Avoiding

    You can’t master what you continually avoid. Be prepared to have those difficult conversations early before they balloon into something unmanageable. Repay people’s faith in you; a lack of action actually means you’re being selfish.

  6. Stop The Negative Self-Talk

    Life is messy and will get in the way of every good intention, so just keep going and stop the limiting self-beliefs.
    There will never be a ‘perfect’ time to start.


I could definitely heed this advice. My wife knows why… 😉

Get involved!


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