Here are a few links of sites which I recommend you check out either because they are interesting, or I am involved with, or I endorse.

The Final Whistle


In December 2015, I partnered with a successful businessman and former international rugby coach, Greg Mumm, on a project to assist athletes at every stage of their sporting career with their life after sport career decisions.

The business we have started aims to deliver athletic and non-athletic career development advice, life skills training and transition programs in order to help them create success beyond the sports field.

If you have any comments or would like to get involved with the project, please get in touch with me.

The Rugby Business Network


I was involved with The Rugby Business Network between July 2014 and December 2016, and it opened a number of doors for me personally. I have also been able to network and get involved in business with a number of ex-players and coaches, which has only served to strengthen my skills base and business acumen.

The RBN is a not-for-profit venture that connects business people with a passion for rugby, so that they in turn are more likely to invest their time or resources back into the game. Rugby people have a certain ethos and culture about them, and the idea is more to help others than to help yourself.



Karma is a wiki that is about people, and specifically, people writing about people. While I am not involved with nor am I an investor or advisor to Karma, I think the concept is an incredible one and is sure to grow. It is fast becoming the one true resource on the internet where I can find out about a person beyond that which I would find out about them on LinkedIn or Facebook. People write testimonials (in the form of letters) to other people, and is an exercise in practising gratitude, a skill which I have learnt about and started doing regularly.

Take a look at this letter my friend Clyde Rathbone wrote about me.

Healthpointe 2.0


On the About Me page, I mentioned that I lost some weight and blasted some fat around my waist, and have maintained that loss, despite being able to enjoy the finer things in life still!

So, how did I do that, you might ask? And was it unsafe? Was it a fad diet? Was it endorsed by some celebrity with a Colgate smile who is paid to put their name on a few gimmicky products?

The short answer is “no” to most of those questions.

Most importantly, I had a massive desire to change; a purpose. When I sat at the dinner table during my honeymoon in Mauritius, every night I had to unbutton my size 34 jeans in order to sit comfortably. That was my trigger moment. I was always a slim, active guy who never went above a size 32. Sure, I’d spent 10 years drinking and partying in London and had filled out a bit, but I thought it was just natural. But when I couldn’t fit into a size 34, I was angry and disappointed in myself.

So through a process of empowerment to take responsibility, and some education, I commenced a lifestyle program called Healthpointe 2.0. Everything about the programme (notice I don’t use the word “diet”) ticked the box:

✓  Educational – you learn about basic wellness principles such as metabolism, toxicity, blood sugar

✓  A programme that aids long-term weight and energy management, due to metabolism adjustment

✓  No gimmicky supplements ie. all natural and organic

✓  A free mentor/coach

✓  A trusted and proven system that had been around for a long time, therefore safe

✓  Reasonably priced

✓  No celebrity endorsement, TV adverts or “Buy Now and get this free orange peeler!”


For more information, you can find out a little bit on the Healthpointe website – the password is “wellness”.


Should you wish to chat to me about this program, fill in your details below:

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Some other sites…

4 Hour Blog: Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur who shares tips and ideas about lifestyle design.

Freakonomics: the blog related to the book series, with some incredible current articles that make you question things before making assumptions.

Grammarly: a blog that informs readers of the finer points of the English language in an entertaining way.

Seth Godin: subscribe to his daily blog with his thoughts on business and marketing

Springwise: innovative new ideas, more ideas, and even more ideas.

Bunster’s Hot Sauce: a random inclusion in this list, but this is the best hot sauce on the market.

Barbell Biltong: some of the best rotten meat on the market! Healthy protein-based snack.

The Howie Games: an incredibly open, honest podcast between Australian sports journo, Mark Howard, and some big names in sport.

LastPass: worried about your internet passwords land up in the wrong hands? LastPass will not only protect you, but it also helps with online form filling, securely storing things like licence numbers, frequent flight numbers etc. Life saver!

Acorns: back in the day I used to put coins and spare change in an ice-cream tub. Now I use Acorns!

WPX Hosting: if, like me, you are fed up with GoDaddy or other host, then look no further than WPX. Their customer service is off the charts and their product sped up my sites tenfold.